A mobile cultural institute?

KIM - the KulturInstitutMobil is a mobile venue that promotes encounters, artistic work and joint reflection on the city at different locations in Berlin. KIM is actually a cargo bike that was converted into the KulturInstitutMobil in spring 2021 based on an idea by Gabriele Reuter from the ARRIVO BERLIN training workshop at Schlesische 27. It brings weatherproof, multifunctional furniture and is suitable for all kinds of cultural events and gatherings that take place in previously undeveloped places in the city. KIM is self-sufficient and capable of improvisation and can adapt perfectly to all circumstances of unplannability.

Who or what is KIM?

The aim of KIM is to keep popping up in new outdoor locations in the city, thereby anchoring cultural and artistic practice in urban space - institutionalising it, so to speak. So a KIM event leaves no visible traces, but something remains: every KIM event changes the place of the event through its actions and the relationships it creates - in the minds of the audience and with the actors on site. KIM creates space for culture in the city.

KIM is particularly pleased about how much energy, verve and enthusiasm the people from ARRIVO BERLIN have poured into the conversion. In the training workshops at Schlesische 27, refugees are prepared for vocational training in the trades. With creative ideas and practical solutions, they have turned KIM into a mobile cultural institute that is there for everyone.